140 Character Love SMS

Far Away From Here
Totally Inaccessible.
That Is Where You Are.
Here Next To Me, Within Reach.
That Is Where You Are.
Where Ever You Go Or When,
You Will Always Be Near Me. …
If A Raindrop Would Mean…
I Love You
And You Would Ask Me How Much I Love You,
I Bet You That It Would Rain All Day…
I’ve Got Ur Bak & Uve Got Mine.
Ill Help U Out Netime.
2 See U Hurt 2 See U Cry.
Makes Me Weep & Wanna Die.
Ill B Right Here Til D End.
Cos Ur My Love & My Bestfriend …
Accidents Do Happen.
I Slip
I Trip
I Stumble
I Fall & Usually I Dont Care At All.
But Now I Dont Know What To Do
Cos I Slipped And Fell In Love With U …
I Hope That You Finally Understand,
That I Will Love You Untill The End,
Because Your Not Just My Girl,
You Are Also My Best Friend …